Hey! You’re part of it!

So, where to start?

I suppose I should start at the beginning.

I’ve had a blog before. I’m an aging hipster and yes, my LiveJournal account is STILL active, but the only activity there are my twitter updates. I haven’t sat down and actually written anything in a very long time and I have forgotten how cathartic it can be. So I figured, “Hey, what the hell? I really enjoyed having a blog, so why the fuck not?”

I am newly 27 and that kind of scares me. I’m so close to 30! *gasp!* If you asked me what I thought I’d be like when I am 30 ten years ago I might have said “Dead”, as I never saw myself making it past 25. If you had asked me four years ago, I would have said “Probably married to M. and making babies” or something stupid like that. Well, obviously I am not dead and M. and I were never married or even together after a 6 year roller coaster, nor did we have kids, so now what?

Well, I have the chance to start all over again.

Back in January M. and I parted ways.  In March I got laid off from my bitchin’ job in the airline biz. After coming home from my vacation to Florida after the layoff, I decided to “take the summer off” and really take the time to rediscover and redefine who I am. I moved back home, which has been the biggest pain in my ass. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family to death, I really do but they may be the death of me! Hopefully, I’ll be back in Boston for the fall. I was scheduled for Sept. 1st to go to Brighton but as life would have it, something suddenly came up, so I have set my sights for the Quincy/Milton area. Someday, I will make it to the left coast… someday….

I’ve been job hunting and interviewing and holding out for just the right one. I was offered a fantastic job working for the US Government out on Nantucket, but I saw that as a step to the side, rather than moving forward. Nantucket? Really? Yeah, no thanks.

I’ve made some terrific new friends, rekindled long lost relations with old ones and told quite a few people to hit the road along the way. I took up photography again, but alas, My camera took a good hit at a show and my MacBookPro is in a coma, so that is still on hiatus. I bought a vintage bike and my grandfather and I have been taking the time to restore it. At the rate that we’re going it should be ready to ride December, just in time for the snow. I am always adding new ink to my collection of ever expanding tattoos. Eventually I will get my 11:11 watch, Ogred Weary in his coat, some forget-me-nots, a pair of bees and my phoenix to cover up the awful ink/painful memories on my shoulder. I don’t regret the tattoo, it’s just time it became awesomer than it is. (Lesson learned: don’t let people tattoo you in their house because you’re drunk and it seems like a good idea.)

Everyone is getting married! WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE! My cousin got married last year. I was a bridesmaid. My good friend J. got married this year. Again, bridesmaid. My best friend T. got married this year. I was bridesmaid/flower girl/witness/photog all in one. Our friend R. did a shotgun wedding and I was everything but the justice of the peace! A. is getting married in October and I RSVP’d but I need to call her and tell her I’m not going to make it due to every possible reason.

So that’s the beginning in a nutshell. Hot damn, you made it though but by all means, this is not the end.


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