Gimmie gimmie shop treatment!

So after a bizarre night out and possibly over analyzing (like I tend to do) at the bottom of many beers I crashed out HARD last night and had a really, really, really weird dream. When I finally came to around ten I couldn’t bring myself to face the day and get out of bed until around one.

I’ve been really good for the past year or so with avoiding frivolous purchases. I set out to pick up some postcards and art supplies for a post secret project I’m working on. I got that and a makeover for my bedroom. Say it with me people “satin sheets!!” Ohhhh yeeaaa! I have never been so excited to go to sleep before! Ha! Ha! Ha! I also got some lovely scented candles and other assorted girly crap. I can’t be all combat boots and hellfire 24/7 y’know.  I forgot how liberating it can be to hand them that plastic and just leave the store with what you wanted and not just with what you needed. I know better than to do that every time, like I used to. This girl learned from her mistakes, trust me. But today, the retail therapy totally helped. Not to mention I stopped listening to really sad, mopey, emo music. Nah, instead I threw in a bunch of poppy, ironically angry music. The adorably sweet way that Lily Allen sings “Fuck you! Fuck you very much!” makes it impossible to stay bummed out. I was quite literally dancing in the aisles to the Scissor Sisters with my shopping cart. I think everyone in Homegoods and Pier one thought I was out of my goddamned mind. FTW!

After I got home and totally ripped apart my bedroom and hauled up some old accessories of mine out of storage, I finally for the first time since moving home feel like I have a space to call my own. Oh and the rug totally ties the whole room together. (LOL, it really does!) I got to sit down and have some great phone conversation with someone very close to me. I love how open and honest we can be with each other about everything. It’s incredibly diplomatic and respectful, which is rare and fantastic. We have no boundaries or gray area which makes open communication so easy, so I can shoot straight from the hip like I like and give hard, honest advice. I absolutely refuse to sugar coat anything and it makes it hard for people to come to me with their problems, because odds are I’m going to tell them the things they know to be true but don’t want to hear. Not this one. They took it and respected me, what I had to say to them and what I think the best course of action is for them to regain solid ground and peace of mind. I always feel good, if not better after conversations like that. I have a sense of accomplishment and it also cleared the air of any potential drama between us. Good god, I cannot stress how positive all that makes me feel. “Hi, President Dreamboat? It’s me. Yeah, I feel like I have the strength of a bear that has the strength of two bears. I want to take on the economy. Yep, I know it’s a shitshow. Bring it on.” I feel that good.

Tomorrow I am going back into town for interview number two. It’s a lackluster, mediocre job; certainly a major step down from what I was doing, but most things are and a job is a job. Beggars can’t be choosers. So I am crossing my fingers that I get this job and am holding my breath until something better falls into my lap. I will not let anything deter me in my quest for ALL!


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