It’s double edged sword of being lazy and being bored.

Fuck the swine flu. “Kennedy Fever” has gripped the Bay state by the balls. Hyannisport and the entire vicinity of Hyannis was total Bedlam today. Seriously, people were in beach chairs to watch the motorcade carrying Teddy Kennedy’s body up to Boston. J told me that at UMass Boston all of his meetings were canceled due to “lack of parking”, that the campus had to be vacated by 1:00PM and that when the motorcade passed all the lights were turned off and an announcement was made notifying everyone that it was passing by. This all seems pretty ridiculous to me. I understand that he was a very important man and that he did do a great service to this country but camping out along side the road and turning off lights?! That just seems excessive. Not gonna lie, if I could, I would go see his body in repose at the J.F.K. Library while I’m in Boston tomorrow, but alas, I will be busy driving to Logan Airport.

I was supposed to house/pet sit for Sparky starting Saturday, but due to the oncoming storm I get to start tomorrow night! YEA! I am so pumped about this! There will be no internet and no cell service, which I am pleased with.  It will be nice to be disconnected for a week. I am packing a whole suitcase full of books and CDs. Yeah, anybody remember those?! Totally archaic, I know! Bring on the long nights of laying on the couch listening to The Moog Cookbook, while reading a leaf-eared copy of Snowcrash or A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius with a glass of wine on the table and a doggy at my feet. Yeah, it’s going to be a pretty wonderful week.

Today I also got to go play in Woods Hole with L. We swung by Coffee Obsession for some quiche and an iced mexican mocha and then romped in the Spohr Gardens. Mosquitoes aside it was absolutely beautiful. I wish we had gotten there two weeks sooner when all the lilies were still in bloom, but until I find a Delorian with a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion, I am shit outta luck. Still, it’s a really neat collection of old ship anchors and church bells and the view of Oyster Pond is really quite breathtaking. Sadly my baby, my Canon digital rebel XTi is in sorry shape. Somehow the LCD got smashed and it’s behaving badly. I’m … I don’t have the words. It’s like a mixture of disappointment, shock, anger and woe all rolled up into one emotion. I was able to get some photos with it, and less pulled off of it. J says he can fix it and I believe him. I just have to order the parts. Hopefully that is all that is wrong with it. *sigh* Why is it that all things electronic hate me? First my MacBookPro, then my Blackberry and now my camera. When it rains it pours I guess.

I don’t want to end this on such a down note so I’m going to end it with a few photos from today instead.

Spohr  garden 012Spohr  garden 018Spohr  garden 020Spohr  garden 023Spohr  garden 022Spohr  garden 043Spohr  garden 052Spohr  garden 061Spohr  garden 082Spohr  garden 092Spohr  garden 095Spohr  garden 099Spohr  garden 096Spohr  garden 109Spohr  garden 108


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