Winter’s broken, summer’s gone. Just stuck in the k-hole again.

Good news everyone!

I got the job. Hooray. Now all I need is the yea or nay on the place in Quincy I’ve been holding my breath over. Either way a move in is the works, FINALLY! I was supposed to move back in March but life said no. I am house/dog sitting for Sparky next week. If I think I can handle Rosie for a week I may consider finally getting a dog at some point. I need a HEALTHY long term relationship, so a dog would be perfect.

I’m sitting here writing this drinking a mug of HOT tea and wearing a hoodie. Where did the summer go?! It was only here that last week of July and through the first two weeks of August! I feel kind of gypped.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the fall, but there is just something so magical about the summer… I don’t know, maybe it’s just because I am from New England and we only get 3 months of summer and 9 months of gloomy crap weather that I put it up so high on a pedestal.

I plan on hitting the white mountains or somewhere out in Maine within the next two weekends to go camping. I didn’t get to go last year, or even the year before that, so I am overdue. I mean real camping, not car camping either.  After that, I can throw myself into work. I will be working two 14 hour days on the weekend and one 5 hour day during the week so I will have half my week to go out and have adventures up in Northern New England when fall peaks. Vermont is calling me and I am nodding my head in response. I try to get up there every fall and hit up Burlington. That place is magical in October! I will also be in Salem for Halloween this year, come hell or high water.

Speaking of “high water” we might be in for another hurricane.  God I hope so! I do love me a fantastic storm. Call me crazy but I think there is something terribly romantic about howling winds, lightning arcing across the sky and pouring rain. My only concern about all of this is “Hurricane Danny”?! Really? Did they forget they already named one Danny back in ’97? Granted it’s been over a decade, but come on! I remember that storm. Guh. I feel kind of cheated… Hurricane Stefanie has a great ring to it!

Well, I need to get out of the house for the day, and I think I might pick up my other favorite force of nature, L.



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