First Night.

So I am curled up on a big, sexy leather couch with a boxer/beagle mix curled up at my feet. Cajun, the black cat, sprawled out behind my head.  Sparky is probably on final approach into Ft. Laurderale now. Dropping her off at Logan  Airport  went as easy as pie. In, out and on my way. Afterwards I met J for some Thai for dinner. I missed hanging out with him, he makes me laugh so hard all the time. We had some good dialogue about all of life’s challenges, missteps and second chances. He wants me to go back to school and you know what? I want to go back. I don’t think I can until next fall, and I’m not sure where life will have me by then, but I will give it my best shot. After dinner I picked up a bottle of Hurricane Rum from the 888 Distillery, just in case we do get hit with a storm.  I bought so much delicious fruits and veggies, spicy Mexican hot cocoa and jalapeno-chocolate gelato! I am in LOVE!

It’s chilly out tonight, but the wine is coursing it’s way through my veins and I have a dog to keep me warm tonight. It’s been 4 years since we had to put my rottweiler, Boo to sleep. He was such a fantastic animal. I miss him so very much. His ashes are in my office back home. I am searching for a suitable container for them that isn’t just a locked box.

Me and my dog Boo circa 2005

Me and my dog Boo circa 2004

So I am hoping that if all goes well with me and Rosie this week that that will mean that I am ready to get another dog. I mean, I don’t think that anything would go badly, but I mean if I can handle her (and she is a handful) then I will be good to go. Cajun is here with me too, and I remember when Sparky and D found him as a baby, his eyes were barely open. He was so teeny, like the size of a package of cream cheese. I got to feed him out of a bottle, I’m amazed at how big he got! I can’t wait to move and get Hooli back. I needto do that sooner than later. It’s almost been a year since M. forced that unforgivable ultimatum on me. I was a fool. But I digress. This is all stuff J and I talked about.

HOLY COW! I am watching the Sox game right now, top of the 8th rain delay. The play Jason Varitek just pulled! This is why I love him and why we are getting married. Someday. Only he doesn’t know it yet. 🙂 Well, okay then, the wine has definitely got it’s hold on me so I am going to get another glass, donate to the Jimmy Fund and continue to drool over Tek….


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