“I write, I publish and then I look for typos and errors.” “That’s how the New York Times does it…”

Nobody likes a guest that arrives too early. *cough*AUTUMN*cough*

It’s been great having this place to myself. The dog is my second Shadow and the cat approves to the point that he left me a dead, bleeding mole on the front step. It’s just that I’ve just been terribly lonely. T’s hitched and doing the married thing. L is hanging with her beau. M is uber busy with work, his lady and Composted. Niff has gone back to Scotland. J is super busy with work, but he’s supposed to visit later in the week. The good news is I start one of my new jobs on Monday, so soon I will be so busy that I will barely have time for sleep. It’s just so weird being so isolated, and I feel the seasonal allergies creeping in. I took some allergy medication with pseudoephedrine in it today and I feel like I could fight a bear. Who needs meth? There’s not a problem with mixing allergy pills and a pot of coffee is there?

I looked over some classes at UMass and I’m thinking of taking a few anthropology courses. Then again, I could always take classes from my uncle since he is a senior lecturer in anthropology and American studies at Penn State University… But I digress. It feels good to get back on track, but I still feel like my life is in limbo. I feel like some parts are moving forward at the speed of light and other parts are just stuck. I hope it all works out somehow.

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