And I feel like somebody drove nails into my head and eyes

Ugh. Last night was fun but completely out of hand. It all started with the beer tasting with Steve and Nick. After that, I ran home and packed up all the leftover turkey, cooked the rest of the potatoes and brought all the leftovers to Nick’s house. It started innocently enough, drinking Shipyard’s Pumkinhead and kicking Nick’s ass in Wii Sports Resort. Then we busted out the captain. That’s probably about the time I should have called it quits. Of course, I didn’t. I left my self control at home apparently. We headed down to the Quarter Deck because we heard the “party” at Steve’s was lame. Buster was very heavy handed last night. Thankfully I was only drinking PBR, but I bought Nick a screaming chicken and Bux handed us half a glass full of it! Oy Vey! I ran into Renee, Melissa and Katherine, having super intense power conversations with all of them about god knows what. Katherine and I began the “Girl Fight” which turned into a giant wrestling match out in the “smoking lounge”. Somehow we got back to Nick’shouse and I drialed Jen while pounding water. Nick held onto me to keep the world from spinning out of control for a bit and then I finally laid down. Ten minutes later I was up and in the bathroom puking my guys out. FML. Woke up this morning at seven, home by quarter of eight to let the dog out and I tried to get some juice and aspirin in me to quell the pounding of my head. No dice. My stomach almost immediately rejected it and I dry heaved for another thirty minutes or so. Finally I slept most of it off from eight-thirty till about one in the afternoon. I have now successfully held down some yogurt and am going to make some french toast. If that stays down I’m taking the dog hiking in the blue hills.


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