“I was the editor of my school magazine!”

So my week house sitting draws to a close, as does my “summer vacation”. I have to tidy up around here, finish the dishes, re-pack and the crate the dog and it’s all over. So is my life of Cape Cod (I hope).  I start work at new job one of two tomorrow at noon! I am nervous and excited! It’s definitely a step down from my previous career, but it’s a place I’ve always wanted to work and I don’t have to hide my piercings or tattoos so that is a bonus!

Last night was absurd. I was so indecisive about what to eat. By the time I settled on pizza and called my favorite place, they had just closed. Just my luck. So I decided to drive around this crappy little town to see if *anything* was open. Aside from the Taverna (Which is M’s turf and I won’t go there) and the Booster Bar there was jack and shit, so I headed to the grocery to see what I could get there. That’s when DM called me. Apparently some junkie dipshit had gotten into a fight with his girlfriend in the car, (with his one year old son in the back seat) took out a buck knife and sliced one of his wrists. Got out of the car, started to walk away while slicing wrist number two and then crumpled to the pavement crying. DM said it looked like “he had fallen out of the sky and landed in a bloody heap in the parking lot.” He immediately called the paramedics once he saw what happened and ran out to tie up the guys arms with rags. He apparently kept saying how bad it hurt, how his life was a mess and for his girlfriend to hide the bag of Oxycontin in the trunk. Wow, what a total douche canoe! I’ve been down that road myself, not too long ago but in front of a baby?! Nooooo gracias! DM is the sweetest person . He is the only person I have ever met with a bigger bleeding heart than me, so needless to say this really disturbed him. He was in tears and telling me that he had locked himself in the bathroom of the Hess Express that he works at. I said I’d be right there. I bought a sandwich for him at the store and took off with my foot to the floor. I made it from the Sagamore Bridge to  Rt 106 in Kingston in less than twenty minutes. I got a little lost in Pembroke, but I eventually found my way there. He was sitting outside the store with a look of shock and sadness on his face. I immediately hugged him, helped him up and brought him to the nearest packie where we bought a big bottle of Sailor Jerry rum and a liter of coke. We talked about it for a bit more and we watched Bender’s Game, one of the Futurama movies. We also discussed how marriage seems to be futile, although, you can always get divorced. But do you know who’s got it bad? Vegan zombies.  Around one in the morning I called it a night and drove home.

Tonight, oh man, tonight is going to be AWESOME! I am going to see Motörhead! Lemmy is God and I’m going to church! Stacey’s got the tickets and I’m the DD. All I have to do is ply her with $7.00 beers from the house of Brews. I have never seen Motörhead live before so this is going to be freaking sweet! The only other show I’ve gone to all year (aside from all the Metal Thursday’s and local shows and shit) was Metallica back in January with ODav!  I do also have tickets to the “Last” Seemless show ever too and that is also very exciting and also sad because it is the end of an era for me.  Ohhhh Seemless. I love the music and all the guys in the band too!


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