pressure free

I would love to be
pressure free
from the weight of nothing
that bears down on me.
how can I assimilate
two thousand years,
when I can’t even deal with
everyday fears?
Don’t you ever do what I did:
listen to the TV,
listen to the other kids.
Now at stage one
I’m still tying my shoes.
All the time
I’m missing hints
all the time
I’m dropping clues.
I’ve been married
I’ve been a slut
in the middle of both I said
so what.
I’ve got to stop thinking like a shrink,
I’ve got to listen to my own promises.
Wake up you, there’s nothing more.
What do you think you’re waiting for?
Oh, wake up you, there’s nothing more…
but if I’m waiting for nothing,
what am I doing?

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