a 100% of my love…

Wow I can’t believe a week has already flown by. There have been so many times where I was compelled to sit down and write but the availability just was not there. A lot of that has to do with the fact that my MacBookPro has been shipped out to Cupertino for service. (Sad face) Although I do have the WordPress app on my blackberry, I don’t have the patience to tap out a whole entry on my dysfunctional, tiny keypad.

I’ve been working up in the city and although the drive is sometimes irksome, nothing will ever be as obnoxious as paying for parking in a parking garage. Usually by the time I hit the split all the parking spots are filled in Braintree and Quincy, so I continue on to Cambridge and park there. If I’m not vigilant with the parking meter every two hours, I’m out $26 in the form of a parking ticket and X amount of quarters I have already poured into it. Or I can park in the garage down the street for $20 a day. It’s like picking the lesser of two evils. It’s slowly stealing my soul as well as my money. I am desperately trying to find a place to call home, but it’s really tough when your budget is small and you have a cat. I looked at a sick loft the other day and the guys were rad as hell, but I have yet to hear back from them. Aside from all that, work is picking up and I am finding my groove. I’ve also started to meet all sorts of cool people there.

I hung out with my friend Max a couple times this week. He’s leaving for a two month headlining tour of the US and Europe so it was necessary for some hangs. Friday night got pretty wild with some serious bar hopping, and then killing a 18 rack between us while watching old shitty horror/sci-fi shows well into the morning. I was going to accompany Kim and Colin to hemp fest on the Common yesterday, but I just wasn’t feeling up for it and came home and slept for five hours. I have the house to myself for the night but I’m just content to lay about reading books and listening to music all day. I did want to do some baking, but we have no eggs and I am not going shopping today.  Although I did concoct a very yummy buffalo chicken salad out of the jalapeno honey BBQ chicken I had. I guess it’s just a another lazy Sunday.


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