I feel like I am looking at the world from the bottom of a well.

Today is October the tenth. To anyone else, including him, today is just another Saturday. He never would remember. I can’t quite bring myself to tear myself out from under my blankets; the only protection from the outside world that I have. I am stuck with the “what could have beens” swirling around in my brain, physical pain in my chest and the feeling of doom, the burn of anguish and a tinge of regret in my gut. No matter how many break-ups and make-ups we went through, somehow we were always together for this day. I was able to think back those six years and remember what we did. I remember and feel the hot tears rolling silently down my cheeks. The burning sting behind my eyes. Everyone keeps telling me its for the best and that everything is better off this way. But then why do I feel so sad? Why do I still constantly dream of him? Of us? Why do I feel like I am missing a part of me? I miss my best friend.


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