Play it faster….

Goddamn it’s fricking freeeeeeezing out/in this room! I need to sing praise to Apple for finally fixing my MacBookPro. THANKS FLAGSHIP! She runs just as good with a brand new logic board, new battery and a whole new display! *Squeeeeee!* Next up, I need to fix my camera LCD, but that is not going to stop me from shooting my first show in in 3 years. Yes, I’ve shot a ton of local bands in that time, but I will be making my way back to the photo pit at the Palladium for Rock and Shock. Which means on Saturday I’m not only going to get to see The Misfits and Type-O-Negative, but I get to shoot them as well!!! *head ‘splodes* I am so fucking excited!!! YEA YEA! YEA! *dances around the room* Very special thanks go out to my pal Metal George for hooking me up. I also just finished baking a dozen pumpkin cupcakes for the Despised Icon guys. They’d better fucking appreciate it! haha! Things are starting to look up for this kid. (well, I hope they are!) 

Saturday morning obviously sucked. Thankfully I have fantastic friends. K and I met up and went into Salem for coffee and pumpkin picking. Alas, there were no pumpkins to be had, but really good coffee at this place called Jaho on the warf. Ironically it was in a building that used to be called Sputniks. I laughed into my espresso breve as I told her the story of Borgabor V and The Dying Process’ show there. After coffee, we wandered the streets until we walked straight into a flash mob of zombies and umbrella corp. soldiers doing the thriller dance. Eventually K and I parted ways and I hooked up with B at her new condo. We drank copious amount of beer and wine while we raged about stupid guys. We ordered a ton of food from Kowloon and watched John Carpenter’s They Live! on TV. Eventually we got a call from Little T and he came over and hung out with us. It was a fucking trip. We all agreed that M, Big T and S should have been there, but it was for the best that they were not. I was able to use the “sensuous” rule and other people understood what I meant! We laughed about old times in Fitchburg and shows until about 4 in the morning. We got Fudruckers for breakfast and then napped before we all went home.

Monday odav and I trekked up into Boston and caught a Boston Bruin’s game and got smashed on $7 beers at the Garden. From there we hit the bar where everybody knows your name. That’s right, we hit the Bull & Finch; the bar that inspired cheers. After putting down more beers, a bloody mary and a washington apple shot we realized that there was no way we could go home in the condition we were in. So, I dragged odav into Brookline where I had heard Johnny Cupcakes was doing a showing of Ghostbusters at the Coolidge Corner Theater. Johnny even did a surprise screening of an “Are You Afraid Of The Dark” episode! SOOO GOOD! After stopping at Starbucks after the movie we headed back to the cape. 

Last night T and I checked into the Holiday Inn Express in Saugus for the night. We hit Kowloon (again!) and Kappys and bought more beer (MORE BEER!) and Laughed it up and just chilled out watching CSI: NY and some show on PBS about repairing the Hubble Telescope. I know, we party so hard! So that wraps it up for now. Here are some photos from the past few days.

Undercover Breve








Lucic I'm DTF

No Swan Boats



Who You Gonna Call?

reunited and it feels so good!

Everything short of the OBEY! sign. They LIVE!... in a holiday inn express.



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