Oh the Humanity! LOL


  “Jam-O-Ween @ The Jamspot Saturday is CANCELLED!!!

I’ll just leave you with the words that She Nasty sent to us, they said it perfect..

“good evening you sexuals, we are writing you as the bearers of terrible news: Jamoween, as far as we know, is cancelled. apparently, the fitchburg police and fire departments are stepping in and shutting the event down because they feel terrible things will happen as a result of this show, e.g. violence, underage drinking, drug use, etc. we can’t apologize enough for this and its short notice and we hope you understand. have a happy and safe halloween, we love you all.”

For those of you who know of the Jamspot and past Jamspot shows… you know exactly what they are talking about… its unfortunate, it was supposed to be a bad ass show, but… shit happends :-(”



I haven’t laughed so hard in days. People honestly still go there for shows?! Ha! What a cesspool filled with assholes and no-talent whiners. HAHAHAHAHA!




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