I’m falling apart at the seams.

So I’ve had this cough of doom for about three months, and while it’s annoying I just figured it would eventually pass. Today I woke up with a sore throat, ears that hurt, sharp pains in my throat when I swallow, chest pains and congestion with post nasal drip. Also, my bad kidney has been acting up. I’m going to bite the bullet and brave the hospital. Here’s to hoping that I’m just regular old sick and not ill with the piggy flu. (Nothing can stop me now, because I don’t care anymore…)



I decided FUCK the hospital. I’m not so violently ill that I need to take care away from those who truly need it. I went out and dropped $20+ on OTC meds, came home and made some tea and ate the rest of the soup I made the other day. FTW!


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