Man can’t live on porn alone.

So I am house sitting for almost another two weeks. ODAV is doing some TDY down in St. Louis and needs someone to watch his place in Hyannis so he doesn’t get robbed again. So I have a sweet house to myself for the next 12 days. Allll riiiiight! The funny thing is that like a million people have keys to his house, so Nerd and some other guy might swing by at random times to hit the kegerator up. As long as it’s not when I’m in the shower, I’m okay with that. So if anyone wants to get away for a few days on Cape Cod (not that anyone in their right mind would, it sucks there) give me a call and we can bro down. Please keep in mind that I am still sick, so I’m not much fun. I have a feeling that this fucking upper respiratory infection is going to be the death of me, one way or the other.

On another random note:


Really guys? Really?

Apparently the guys thought it would be amusing to cover me in porn. Eh, it was kind of funny actually.


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