The “What is in my bag?” meme

So this has been making the rounds across the blog circuit, and I finally got off my lazy, chubby butt to participate. Thanks Elize.

I own too much crap

 The Center:

My large Diesel shoulder bag. It’s huge. I am constantly losing stuff in all seven of it’s pockets.

Clockwise from top right:

Tofu Squirrel pins, I ♥ Bacon pin, and pink bullet keychain Karmaloop; iPod and Blackberry; Picture of my late friend Cheyenne, a VIP pass to a strip club, concert ticket stub, Teaberry gum; two wallets; assorted business cards: primarily tattoo shops; Assorted plastic cards: forms of ID, library card, MBTA “Charlie” card; a “Soccer Mom” amount of junk on my keys; oolong tea; pay stubs; “Steve Versus The Volcano” sticker; Camel Light Wides, car insurance ID cards, Assorted crap including a Bruins game ticket stub, an Edward Gorey journal and a copy of “The First Five” by Henry Rollins; and an 81 supporter lighter.

I left out all the random receipts, a bottle of tylenol that opened in the bottom of the bag and a wine stopper.

My bag is ridiculously large which enables me to lug around entirely too much junk that I don’t need, but feel like I do. I miss the days of only carrying a wallet.


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