I am happy to report…

That I have surpassed you. In pretty much everything. Reality called, you are not a rock star. I love you to death, but seriously, get over yourself/it already.  

L. came over for hangs and dinner tonight and commented that it looks like I have dropped major lbs. Plus she hasn’t seen me in a hot minute, (See previous post about being a hermit.) so I took her word for it. All those stairs at the GD in my heavy, frye boots and doc martins and the running has really paid off. I have lost most of the weight I put on last year (Not to mention the extra-plus poundage I started putting on last October). If I keep up the regime, the dieting and continue to lay off the sauce I should slim down enough and reach my goal weight by January and then I can start shaping up. (Somehow in all of this weight loss, I’ve managed to keep my spectacular rack! W00t!) Tomorrow I will add to my continuously growing body art. Tattoo number 18, come on down! Cupcake barfing frosting? Get into it! The lion is next, then the gas mask hornet. Tagen will be back north soon and by then I will have enough saved up to start work on the coverup of my left shoulder. Ugh, I want that gone, along with all the memories attached to it. I am sad that I retired my septum ring, I really didn’t want to, but I guess it’s for the best. I can always re-pierce it again later. 

Max and I got to chit-chat briefly today, which was nice. He’s in Switzerland and gets to use his french, although the french he knows is from Quebec so it’s a different accent and dialect. We waxed about europe and the hangover olympics. I also talked to BC from CA and he’s going to try to hook me up with some help at the airport. I can use all the backup I can get. Again, I need to cut back on the partying so I can ascend that ladder and break though the glass ceiling. I look fantastic on paper, I bust my ass and I have a good grasp on the english language, unlike most of the miscreants out there. Seriously. It’s w-a-s-t-e! As in a “waste of space“, NOT w-a-i-s-t as in “your waist“. While I’m at it, what is not “whut“, “wut” or “wat“. Ugh, did you all skip elementary school? Goddamnit! Has no one heard of spell check? How do you even have a job? Darwin is spinning in his coffin….

On a better note, I am so unbelievably excited about this!

I keep watching it over and over and over again and getting more and more stoked on it. Fantastic Mr. Fox was one of my most cherished stories growing up. I honestly think I have almost all of Roald Dahl’s books in my basement in storage. Everything from Esio Trot, to Henry Sugar to The BFG to his collection of ghost stories. Plus… WES ANDERSON?! He’s perfect! I have a feeling that he kept it true to Dahl’s vision and I shan’t be disappointed with this book to movie remake like I so often am.


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