Retrospective introspective…

Does understanding an emotion mean that you have subjectively changed it at the fundamental level? If so, what if that understanding is felt by others? (Intuitively that is…)

I think it most definitely changes it at a fundamental level. Introspection and analysis is a lot like cleaning the glasses with which we view our existence. Usually we get a clearer view, but not always. We as people think that we are so smart but we are so easily influenced by our biases and our inability to see the truth; only comparisons of comparisons (relativity speaking, you know). So I guess the only time we can truly share this understanding of an emotion with others would be if you were talking to someone who’s scope on earth is “relatively” like yours. Do you feel me?

The mob rules. There is no escape, the only respite is in their manipulation without their knowing for your own amusement the deeper the levels of deceit the deeper the level of satisfaction, in other words oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive!




I should probably go to bed… I’ve already been awake for almost 24 hours now….


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