When I’ve got the music, I’ve got a place to go!

On the Air

Assaulting people's eardrums one song at a time!

This past week was Alumni week for 90.7 FM WKKL, my old college radio station. They did it last year too, but I was working too much to go. With no hinderances this year I headed down to the McKay Broadcasting center at 4C’s. (Which is a newer, nicer trailer than the one that was there  when I was a student.) After I got there, much to my dismay I found that I had driven there on a flat tire, but that’s not as bad as Justin, who drove down from Boston with no breaks. It was fantastic to see the old crew. I almost forgot what my life was like before 6 years ago, but it all came flooding back with every story shared. Rob “The Cardinal” Cushing was there, Sarah Colvin, Justin “JC” Cornella, Josh Warren, Slader, Drew, Julie and of course, Lisa Z herself were present. Molly, Ricky B and Frank all called in either tonight or earlier in the week. I wasn’t expecting to be on the air, aside from the call in bit I did, or saying a quick blurb on Justin and Sarah’s shows but Lisa let me do an hour-long show. Even with all the new equipment I did pretty well. It was just like riding a bicycle. I felt right at home behind Mic #1 and the switchboard. Since I was caught off guard I didn’t have a lot of CDs with me and iPods are mostly forbidden for on-air use, but I did play some new BTBAM, Dethklok, Mastadon, Coalesce, Shadows Fall, Revocation, Slayer and Municipal Waste. I also threw in a bunch of old punk rock like The Melvins, The Descendants and NOFX. After that I put some air in my tire and met up with everyone down at tiki port where almost everyone (with the exception of Slader and Josh) were brandishing Scorpion bowls. Now, if you know me (and odds are that you do) you know the story about me, WKKL and the Scorpion bowl of doom. We all had a great laugh about it and I ordered myself a vodka martini. So many hilarious stories were swapped, along with phone numbers and facebook addresses with the promise to all keep in touch. Lisa told me what a great job I did and how much she missed hearing me on the air and wants me to come back and do a show at least once a week. I had such a good time, I might just do that, but this time I won’t have a “ho-coast” to name the show “John Ritter is Sex on a Stick” or “I ♥ Zombies”.

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  1. you look full of joy in that picture… playing tunes behind the mic suits you well… I like that station a lot…I live just down the road in Barnstable so I pick it rather well… so keep me posted on any of those guest dj slots…

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