And the curse continues.

Last winter I purchased four new tires for my car, along with new valve stems. Grand total: well over $600. In the spring the front bumper got caught on a curb and the fender pulled loose, tearing part of the heat shield. Now when I stop or make a turn the loose plastic drags and makes the worlds worst noise. September rolls around and I get ready to leave for Boston only to discover a nail in my sidewall. Very suspicious, but I chalked it up to bad luck. Had to buy a new tire and had the heat shield repaired. Fast forward to the past week. My tire pressure light came on again, but I didn’t think much of it because it always comes on. Such a pain in the ass. By Saturday night I had a flat. Today I changed it out for the donut, went out and got some supplies, pulled out the two spikes in my tire tread, patched the holes, refilled the tire (Again) and changed the tire again. What a fucking pain in the ass, but thank god I know how to do this all by myself.

Fuck this tire.

The bane of my existence.

Doing boy stuff.


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  1. Hah! you are right, indeed, that you know how to do that yourself… weather it is car tires or bike tires, mechanics charge a mint for what is ultimately only a few minutes of (cheap) good hard work. From changing tires, to patching tires, to changing oil, to replacing an exhaust… these are the things all car owners should know.

    Hope all goes well with the fix!

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