Politics and shmolitics

Sarah Palin is like the Jar Jar Binks of politics…. Never before has so much attention been paid to so annoying a character, of such marginal relevance to the big picture. 

For how much longer is the media going to shove that woman in our faces, and try to make us feel some type of way about her? I mean.. We’ve been hearing about her everyday since she lost the election last November,… I know more about her stupid fucking family than I do my own, and strangely enough, my opinion of her hasn’t changed a bit. She remains a former public official whose short-lived career, but for one unsuccessful Vice Presidential bid, has been pretty unremarkable. She is not qualified to be President. We don’t need a closer examination. This is not the droid we are looking for. Move along. 

Bill Mahr said it best “Go Away. If we wanted to hear more from you, we would have elected you.”



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