Wait- what do you mean I skipped Halloween!?

Shitty! I totally did! Between Zombie Chuck Biscuits and the Death Plague I forgot to post! Here ya go! Better late than never!

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?

Many Lulz were had at this discovery.

Party Number One: 7:00 PM: Hell’s Angel’s Halloween Party in Cumberland RI 

Mom's Boy-toy Lance. I approve, he's awesome.

Kenny and I. One of my favorite 81's. We rule at the QD's Silver Strike bowling.

Joseppi and I. You can see the start of my sleeve work here.

Group photo. Mom's in the middle, looking like hot stuff for 45.

Party Number Two: 11:00 PM: The Quarter Deck

Spilling shit all over yourself equates to having a good time.

Harry dressed up as Alfalfa.

Steve "caught" Carmen SanDiego. He's still waiting on that reward money.

Very sneaky.

I have no idea what Nick and I are doing, but clearly we are having a blast.


Free drinks from Bux and Jimmy. I paid for only one drink the whole night.

Party Number Three: 1:00 AM: Cape Air’s Party Central USA

MSHE and ODAV as Dedham High QB and Elwood Blues

Dance Party in the Kitchen

Me and the Captain make it happen.

Carmen meets Waldo. Best random occurrence ever!

Raging hard with MSHE. Right before the cops showed up at 5am.



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