What is family?

Traditionally this time of year we gather with our families and give thanks… and then I started thinking about what “Family” means. To me, To me it is partially that but more of something else…more complicated than who’s in the ‘Tree”.  For me, family is so much more than blood relatives like your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc. The ones that I consider family are an eclectic group of people that have come into my life at different times, during different journeys and have stayed tried and true for the rest of the trip. They are the ones who will lend an ear, a shoulder, a hand, a hug…and not ask why I need it. They are the ones who know they can call me in the middle of the night…and I will answer. They are the ones who accept me for who I am ‘as is’ in any given moment. They are the ones I can laugh with or cry with, whichever either one of us needs that day. They are the ones that know me better than I know myself sometimes. They are the ones that have taught me my most valuable lessons and given me my greatest rewards. This year has been tough on me as many of you know. It’s the first time in six in a half years I’ve found myself alone, but I also found that I am never really alone because I am surrounded with the most incredible people who have shown me that they care in one way or another. I am thankful for all of the hard lessons I learned from the past 6 years and thankful that I realized them all this year. I am also thankful for all the times I laughed and I cried. For all of the new families I got to see formed through the bonds of love. Most importantly I am thankful for my family. They are the ones who help make up the parts of my heart that will always beat strong and shed light into the corners of my spirit so there will never be darkness… 

So today my Family, I thank you… for Everything.



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