Now I’m no sissy and I have sat through some pretty painful tattoos like a fucking rock… but this spot takes the cake! (Or in this case, the cupcake!) I was getting zapped on my side ribs, next to the boob and under the armpit. I have no idea how Niffy was able to get her armpit and nipple tattooed! This was fucking murder. Plus it doesn’t help that my artist has “Man Hands”, meaning she has a very heavy hand. If it wasn’t for all the breaks she kept taking or the over wiping down my skin, I might have been able to finish it. I tried every way but drugs to get through this, but not even trying to meditate to trance out listening to some serious drum and bass worked. I ended up starting to show signs of trauma/shock (IE: the chills and trembling)so we had to stop. Next week I’ll go back and get it finished up. If I’m healed enough I might have her add some sprinkles. Vomiting cupcake. I think I might be a mad genius.


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