Along the way I had to sell my soul…

Snow. Snow. Snow.

Gosh, it’s all that anyone is talking about. We live in New England people. Snow storms, blizzards and noreasters are not new people. Put on a friggin helmet already!  So I’m home from house sitting, which is kind of nice. I like sleeping in my bed more than sleeping in anyone else’s… unless it’s a feather bed. I took a trip down to Westport last night and hung out with Montana. I was pretty nervous at first but I got over it pretty quickly. His parent’s dogs, Elvis and Tess were great at dispelling my nerves. They were HUGE Burmese Mountain Dogs, and they were both stunning and just wanted to play. I thought about us heading down to Providence to hit up the Scurvy Dog or to Cumberland to visit the 81 party house, but we just kicked it at his place drinking, talking, laughing and watching Deadliest Catch and John Waters movies. I eventually went home around 3am after killing a sixer of hard cider and waiting to metabolize it all. We have plans for Monday to hit the deck and cause a ruckus. Other than that not much has been going on. I’ve been shooting here and there, but since Christmas hasn’t passed yet, I still don’t have my external HD, so I’m SOL as far as space on my macbookpro and can’t edit anything.

Here’s a self-portrait I did for my friend’s artist collaboration website that I am a part of. Wooo, exciting, I know.

Olde Tyme Camera Action.

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