Happy New Years my devoted readers! (That is assuming I have a following haha!) So I am FINALLY alone after spending every day since before Christmas with a million people. Two-thousand-nine was a bust. If there was a worse year to be had, I’d like to see it. Everyone I know had the worst year ever last year, so with the promises of hope, lets kick 2010 off right.

So I was supposed to go to 4937589037029290 different parties on Thursday and none of them happened. I was the DD and it wasn’t so bad. It started off with me picking up Bill Cape Cod and Lindsay for hangouts in Hyannis. We ended up drinking a few bottles of wine and were pretty saucy by 3:30pm. Jeff came over and we got a round of wii bowling in. After that we all climbed in the Versa and headed to Nick’s for some champagne and to shoot some pool. Around eight we met up with Meg, Mike, Trisha and her Angry/drunk boyfriend at Tikiport, where we waited for over an hour for a table. We were talking about hitting up the theme party in the mills, but since Tikiport took so long, we decided to go straight to Buds Country Lounge for some Karaoke. Harry and Steb rendezvoused with us there and thats where the night began to get wild. BCC came out of his shell, Lindsay ripped out Gnarles Barkley, Pittsy and I did  an awful/amazing job with Running With the Devil, Nick played it safe with Zoot Soot Riot and then to cap off the night, Lindsay, Jeff and I all destroyed the bar with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Seriously, we had the whole bar up and freaking out. It was awesome. After we toasted the new year, we stole as many noise makers as possible and hit the deck. Trisha’s angry/drunk boyfriend got in a fight with some kid at the bar, so we all left and came back here where we partied till 5 am. Then I got up and hit up Barnstable Harbor for the Polar Plunge. I Party. Harder than you. Factola.


Your language is offensive.

(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

Happy Fucking Newyear! party like its 1999!

Is this this the 50’s or 1999?

Draaaanks. Coming witha crown.

Na na na na! Na na na! Hey hey! Goodbye!

Shawty got LOW LOW LOW… At Buds country lounge.

Ps. Porkstrips.

“Table for 10?” “YES!” “Oh. Okay. … One Minute.”. “AWWW!”

Bill party of ten.

He’s like an Asian Charles Bronson.

Oooh fluorescent pink pork! You are sooooo delicious!

Stranger danger.

Feel the sting.

Oh. I guess I drive a bus now?

Random drunk old sailor just shook my hand. Silently and aggressively.

Put down your wife and makeout with your girlfriend.

Bill Cape Cod and LindsVicious, born and raised in East Internet.

Billy of Nazareth!

What if Bill Cape Cod was Jesus?

Nice to meet you. We can’t wow you with our people skills. We make enemies, not friends. Your name again?

I fist a girl, and she liked it. I found my cherry chapstick. I.d fist a girl just to try it. I hope her boyfriend don’t mind it.


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