I am a hot mess.

So last night was amazing and crazy all at once. Justin came down to visit me randomly. Wait, what?! Yes. It’s official. My Boyfriend > your significant other. We had a great dinner and went for beers after and still had an awesome time. I should have called it a night, but I was flying high on endorphins and it was only ten o’clock so I hit the Deck with Harry, Steb and KT and Mandy the bartender. I walked through the door and had a Norm from Cheers moment. I wish I was kidding, but it really happened. Harry handed me a beer and Bux gave me a shot, that I didn’t order. Then the next thing I know I get handed QD juice from out of nowhere. All my friends had one too, so I had no one to hand it off to, so I had to drink it. That’s pretty much the last clear memory from last night.  I remember reluctantly giving KT my keys and walking out the door (though I was told I was a spazztic mess and “gracefully” fell out the back door) and then I remember being in the car and then being in Nick’s basement smoking with Harry and Steve. At some point Nick came downstairs to tell us to be quiet and I told him “To go shit himself.” Yeeeaaahhhhh I really don’t remember that at all. Apparently it was really funny, but I adore Nick and I’m really upset with how mean I was to him. I do remember trying to hug him on the stairs and falling down. Also, when I went to tweet something funny I discovered that the trackball had completely fallen out of my blackberry and was GONE. Clearly I was not meant to have a nice phone. I woke up on the couch this morning with both cats sleeping on my stomach, which was cute, and saw that I drunk texted like a mother fucker last night and I can’t see what I wrote, because my phone looks like it fell out of an airplane in mid-flight. Guuuuh. How thoroughly embarrassing. I also got to do the walk of shame this morning… walking from Main Street to the Deck to go pick up my car. It wasn’t too bad, it was just really cold and I’m mildly hungover. Well it’s been a while since I’ve gotten that loaded and out of control… about a year I’d say, so it was due. I’m glad it’s out of my system. Well, I need to get ready for work. Joy. Tomorrow is the Steve Vs The Volcano show in JP and thats always a good time, but I feel like I need to dry out for a few days, so I’ll be lugging amps for them.



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