Shockingly Absent From The Innanets!

Where does the time go?! So for the past week and a half my laptop has been switched off and has been living in its travel bag… in my bookshelf. Hell, has indeed, frozen over. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work and job interviews that any and all of my free time has been spent up in Boston with Justin, or hanging out with Lindsay at her place, which has no wifi. (Believe me, I brought my wireless router over there and couldn’t get it set up for the life of me, which is very, very odd.) Throw into the mix that I came down with a killer head cold over the weekend and then a minor car accident, where a car full of teenagers backed into the hood of my car. I am now temporarily carless and mostly broke, but this is all temporary until Saturday when I can pick up my rental car but I will still continue to be broke status until the following week.

Also, got some news that I might be co-producing a show on G4. What?! What?! What?! *Audible gasp!* Could it be? Steff is actually going to finally be doing what she’s always dreamed of doing with her life? Television Production?! FUCK YEAH BITCHES! In your face life! haha! I will post more as the story continues to develop. I’m off and running, this broad NEEDS a hair cut. I’m starting to get that whole “fifteen year-old metal head boy” hair. Someone throw me a Kill ‘Em All shirt already! UGH!


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