Voodoo Lady

So I was falling asleep earlier and then I rubbed my eyes and it was all over for me. I *still* had capsaicin on my hands from de-seeding and chopping Jalapeños and Chili peppers yesterday. Finally after scrubbing my hands in a baking soda/lemon juice solution and then vigorously washing my hands with soap twice more, I think I am in the clear. The moral of the story is don’t fuck with spicy things without gloves during allergy season.

I have been spending a fair amount of time with Justin which is amazing, but I fear that I’m up there too much and he might burn out on it. Then again, that could be just me being my neurotic self. I do try to leave as little of myself there as possible. I have a phone charger, a towel, toothbrush and some travel sizes of shampoo/conditioner and a bar of soap from Lush stashed away in his bathroom. He laughed about it when I brought it up. He said he’s astonished that since I have keys that I haven’t moved half my wardrobe in.
I told him that it’s more likely that everything in the house would be gone, as well as his prized vdub cabriolet (I would stuff everything into it, duh) and all that would be left would be a burned cd on the floor that he would have to listen to in his other car or at someone else’s house, since I’d have jacked him clean. He looked at me and said dryly, “The Cd would have “She’s Crafty” by The Beastie Boys on it, wouldn’t it?” I burst out laughing and threw my arms around him and kissed him on the head because he knew exactly where I was going with that and what the punch line was. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am absolutely stupid over him.
Well, my wardrobe ain’t what it used to be and I’ve long since become accustomed to living out of luggage/my car. I lead a very transient life these days, which is good for the dynamic between Dick and Jane and I, but not so much on my wallet. :/ I’ve always been kind of a rolling stone and no, not like Mic Jagger. Brendan called me, begging me to come back to slinging pizza a few hours a week. I will only do it if I can work during the week, during the day. (I want to be out by 4 or 5.) Those are my demands, but in all honesty, I’m not really in any position to turn them down. I have been hemorrhaging cash like crazy, and I’m barely breaking even. Aside from that and my killer commutes, my life has been never better. For the first time in a decade I can say, in all honesty I am happy and mean it.


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