What is it? It’s it. What is it?

Mike Patton himself had already summed up last Friday’s show on the Brooklyn waterfront with the lyrics from his hit song Epic. After reforming in Febuary of 2009, the band had played dozens of dates in the UK, but didn’t play the US until April of this year, and that was just four shows in California. So this was the first time they had been anywhere near the East Coast since breaking up in 1998. It was fitting that their first song (as it has been on many tour dates) was “Reunited,” by Peaches and Herb. The band came out dressed in different colored pastel suits. The two founding members, drummer Mike Bordin and bass player Bill Gould, (who started the band in 1981) and keyboardist Roddy Bottum (who joined in 1982) were joined by Jon Hudson, the most recent addition (he joined in 1997 to help with songwriting on “Album of the Year”.) Mike Patton was the last to appear, and he came out slowly, walking with a cane. I wondered if there were going to be any Willy Wonka type antics, but after singing with the cane for a couple songs, he tossed it to the side of the stage. I couldn’t tell if he was really hurt, but he did seem to move less than when he played with other bands in the last couple of years. He commented to the crowd “You all look a little older since I’ve last seen you!” which was met with applause and laugher. Halfway through Faith No More’s performance in Brooklyn on Friday, he implored the audience to turn around to watch the sun setting over the Manhattan skyline (“you fuckers live here! We get to look at this beautiful city. You have to look at our ugly asses!”) instead of looking at the band, but nobody was having any of it. The skyline isn’t going anywhere (hopefully), but there’s no telling if Faith No More will ever be back in NYC again. They kept everyone riveted through the set, which included covers “Easy” and “I Started a Joke.” The first encore started with Vangelis, another live staple, and the second encore consisted of “We Care a Lot,” the only song off their first two albums from the Chuck Mosely era. Faith no More played a pretty even mix of the albums they made after Mike Patton joined in 1989. They started their original material with “From Out of Nowhere” which, fittingly, is the first song on “The Real Thing,” the first album they made with Patton. From the beginning notes of “Nowhere” the crowd started singing along, and it kept up throughout the entire concert (minus Chariots of Fire.) It’s been a long time since I heard that many people sing along with an entire show and it really added to the experience. What didn’t add to the experience was the way the “beer-drinkers” were sectioned far off from the rest of the audience. It seemed there were many unnecessary barricades, and all the grass near the stage was sectioned off, removing the only comfortable option for anyone who wanted to sit and watch the show. And did there really need to be separate lines for beer tickets and beer? With smiles all around and enthusiastic performances, the night ended with the attitude that as far as reunions go, this one seems pretty damn sincere. For me the show was life changing. I was so drunk that I was completely uninhibited & let loose singing at the top of my lungs & dancing all night. I don’t think that I have EVER enjoyed a show more.

Justin and I Hammerfaced at the show

Justin and I Rocking out at Faith No More

NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline

Set List:

“Reunited” (Peaches & Herb cover)

“From Out of Nowhere”
“Land of Sunshine”
“Surprise! You’re Dead!”
“Last Cup of Sorrow”
“Cuckoo for Caca”
“Easy” (Commodores cover)
“Midlife Crisis”
“The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”
“Ashes to Ashes”
“I Started a Joke” (Bee Gees cover)
“King for a Day”
“Just a Man”

“Chariots of Fire” (Vangelis cover)
“Be Aggressive”

“We Care a Lot”


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