Happy Birthday!

Wow. What an incredible week! It seemed like it took ages to get here and now it’s already August!  Tuesday was my 28th birthday. I’m a year away from 30. How the christ did I get here?! It seems like I graduated high school, blinked and here I am. The past decade just flew by. Last night was an impromptu gathering at the Deck and I ran into a few folks I have not seen in a while as well as the usual suspects. As I sat there and listened to Swedish  blab on and on how he beat my ex’s ass last month and I kept trying to tell him that I didn’t care I realized that I was okay with who I grew to be. I know I’m a little rough around the edges and at my core I’m still a little emotionally unstable, but the meat of who I am, I ‘m a good person who has lived a pretty wild life and have reached a point of zen where I am in love with the people in my life and happy with who I have become. I turned out okay, for someone who has lived through so much BS.  Okay, enough ego stroking.

I woke up Tuesday morning to a big hug, kiss, a cup of coffee and a green present. After getting all emotional over the very sweet sentiment in the card, I shook the box, asked if it was a mini pony and then tore off the shiny green paper. I was very pleasantly surprised to see a black 160GB iPod at the bottom of the tissue paper.  I practically tackled Justin with my thank you/hug/kiss. I spent the day sending out my resume and lounging on the flood plain of the Charles River in a camp chair, reading books under the trees with the sun filtering down through the green leaves. We made our way out to Inman and fought for a parking spot and got some sushi and curry at Spice and Rice. I actually got Justin to eat some sushi. He didn’t love it, but he didn’t hate it either.

Wednesday was Justin’s birthday (yes, our birthdays are back to back) and we had a similar 6am to mine. There were hugs and kisses and coffee and presents. He was over joyed with the monster floor mats I ordered for his new car and he really liked the hubcap clock I made. We had a good laugh about the Legend of Zelda that I got him too. After I got out of work we made our way into the financial district and got dinner at Fleming’s. It was definitely the most expensive meal I’ve had, but to be fair, it was so delicious! Easily the best steak I’ve had. Also, the wine selection was killer and it was reaffirmed that I am awesome at picking great wine. A skill/talent that I never knew I had until very recently. (Justin also enjoys red wine, so when I can, I make dinner and select a wine to go with it. So far, every one I’ve picked has been great!) The lava cake was amazing, but it was too rich for me, so I happily ate the ice cream that accompanied it while Justin devoured the cake.

Thursday was uneventful. Happy birthday Jenny P, my cousin and my mom. (October was a very busy month for people getting busy, apparently.)

Friday I drove out to Ashland to have drinks with Justin, his coworker and his Boss. It was a good time as always, and as always we raced each other home on the Pike. My car needs work and certainly doesn’t have as powerful an engine as his ’09 rabbit, but I held my own. Again, he only beat me in the toll booth with his speed pass, but I was hot on his tail all the way home and it was a tie. Saturday was spent eating eggs and pancakes and playing guitar hero up until we took the bus into Allston for our Birthday Shit-show. Unfortunately we did not realize that the Great Allston Pub Crawl was scheduled for the same day, so when we got to Deep Ellum it was full to capacity and a very large group of very drunk assholes were  spilling out into the street as we waited for a table. Fortunately, it made for some very interesting and amusing people watching. Soon enough they moved on and we grabbed a table and all of our guests began showing up. It was Katie’s birthday Friday, so this was her party too, and eventually Nick and her showed up with another couple from JP. We had to wait on Magnum and Zelda to fight their way past traffic from the Sox game but in the end everyone showed up and the drinks flowed like water. From Deep Ellum we made our way down the street to the Sheesha Lounge, where we indulged in some serious hookah smoking and watched Dazed and Confused while listening to Wu-Tang and Dr. Octagon. Pretty rad. We were there for a bit but the need to keep drinking was upon us and we were down the street to the Silhouette. Apparently they were at capacity, even though there were empty bar stools so we said “fuck them!” and went to the Model Cafe where we ended up staying the rest of the night, since the big pool players had left and we were more than okay with drinking $2 PBR instead of moving on to the Sunset where I’d be drinking $7 Allagash and $10 tequila. I ran into Diana and Max, saw Chistine and Mia Tyler bought me a drink for my birthday. It was wild! So We danced and laughed the night away. Zelda, Maggy and I sang Lit the whole way back to Justin’s because we were hot messes. When we got there, Justin’s neighbors were throwing a bon fire down on the flood plain, so I grabbed the rest of the beer from Vermont and we went down to join them. It was an amazing night with fantastic friends and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Here are some photo highlights from Saturday Night:

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