Sold on merit.

So the folks at ‘Gansett beer have reached out to me to ask me to be a ‘Gansett Girl. What?! What?! What?! Me?! A spokesmodel? Why the hell not? I have always wanted to do some pin-up stuff so lets go! I sent them the photos Sarah took at the QD softball game and they sent me a questioner.

Name: Stefanie McBride

Nickname:  East Coast Steffie

Hometown: Plympton, Ma

High School: Cape Cod Regional Technical High School

College: Cape Cod Community College

Height: 5’3″

Hair Color: It changes seasonly, but currently, Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite Style Of Gansett: Gansett Bock and Gansett Light

Favorite Gansett Bar: The Quarterdeck Lounge in Hyannis, Ma

Likes: loud, fast music, fast cars, books, sushi, photography, bacon, Tobasco sauce, baseball and hockey

Dislikes: Skunked beer, running out of coffee, traffic, animal cruelty, Jersey Shore, Jimmy Buffet, people who don’t think for themselves

I think that sums me up pretty well.



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