Watermelon. Shaken, Not Stirred

Is there a fruit that’s more tied to summer than watermelon? Is there a season better suited to day drinking than summer? The answer, to both, would be no. Which is why spiked watermelon is so perfect this time of year. Refreshing. Relaxing. So kick back and chow down on a simple treat, laced with a reminder not to take things too seriously. Here’s how to make it happen.

Look for a round watermelon (which will disperse the alcohol more evenly) and cut a small, round hole into the rind. A square or triangle-shaped plug might crack the melon. Remove it with a corkscrew.

Break up the pulp inside just slightly with a grill skewer, a wooden spoon handle or anything long enough to make a little room for the booze. You may need to let some of the juice out.

Add the alcohol, by either inserting the bottleneck into the hole or pouring little by little into a funnel. You’ll only need about half a bottle to saturate the melon. Replace the plug and refrigerate for a few hours.

What Booze to Use:

No need to get fancy. You want to taste the watermelon, not some exotic flavored liqueur. We suggest vodka. Or tequila. Then try serving slices with a wedge of lime and some salt.

**A spiked watermelon is an illegal open container of alcohol within most States.


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