Vacation Aka: Dubs At The Beach

As of 10pm tonight I am officially on V A C A T I O N ! ! ! Who has to thumbs and is practically peeing herself with excitement?! THIS KID! 😀

We’re leaving at 2am and driving straight down to beautiful, Ocean City, Maryland.

Ocean City

I can’t believe it’s already here, H20i!  I can’t wait for the Shenanigans with Paul… he always brings some sort of crazy import EuroBooze (Ie Stroh or  real absinthe) and I heard that Sir Rod is in town.

Ahhhh… Yuengling on the beach on the beach! I can almost already taste it!! YEEEEEEE! We are taking Franz, the Mk 5 Rabbit down, not the Cabby. We hit a nast pothole coming back from Broke.Down in Gardner last month that bent a lip on one of the front rims. SAD PANDA.

The Cabby! We aren't taking her. 😦

I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s cars, like Brain’s Mk1 rabbit that has been in the shop longer than I’ve known him and the infamous Louise, Pauls ’78 Chromed out rabbit.

Chromed Brakes on Louise


Louise! ❤


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