Snow My God.

So this week we were hit with a Nor’Easter that dropped 19 inches of snow on us. It was by no means the blizzard of 1978.  In many respects it wasn’t nearly as big as most others.  We get these about once every couple years, the biggies… the over 1 foot storms, and so this was really just like many others.  It was perhaps, the best forecast, and the timing was perfect.  Just enough time to get home yesterday after work, hunker down for the day, and be ready to rock for the following morning. I hadn’t planned to comment on this blizzard; I tend to ignore them whenever possible. New Englanders are used to them. But I was awakened yesterday morning by the snow insistently thumping my window, demanding my attention, insisting, lordly in its sway that I gaze out and make my obeisance to awe and wonder.

5:30am. Back Yard

9:30am Back Yard.

Snowmobile. 12:30pm

Shoveling. Snow is past my knees. 2:30pm

It's like a cave in the snow!

I had to push snow out of the way to open the door. Snow is flush with the floorboards.

I thought I parked my car around here somewhere?

Buried Treasure.

Good News! I kept digging and I found a Dacia Sandero!

Called it a day around 5:00 PM. This was after I had kicked off a lot of snow.



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