Brave New Apartment.

Wow, I haven’t posted a proper entry in god knows how long. I keep looking back (fondly) at all my older entries and then think about how much I miss writing… and then never do anything about it. I suppose that I just feel that my life isn’t interesting enough to write about anymore. Or that I’m to busy to commit to a blog… and other excuses. So I decided to change that. By change that I mean actually post an entry with some volume, if not some substance. Also I felt I needed to give it a facelift and a new name since I’ve moved again. I’m no longer in the suburbs, although my stint in the woods was a nice transition from the cape, but I missed the hustle and bustle and the bright lights of the big city. … And to be perfectly honest with everyone, I couldn’t stand my roommates. I could go into detail for with the many reasons why, but I will tactfully withhold. So, with much fanfare and little adieu, I ran with my arms open and my face pointed at the sky, laughing all the way back to Boston. My new roommates are also former codders and are every bit as much demented in the head as I. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Dead body photo shoots in the bathroom and having to shower with fake blood in the drain is a common occurrence. There are penises drawn on the white board in the kitchen and in the dirt on my car some mornings.  There are dead baby jokes and sexual references like “FIGGING” flying around the air at all times. We all love spicy food and are super nerdy in our own weird ways. I now also live less that fifteen minutes away from my boyfriend, which is a very lovely bonus. While my rent is higher and the parking isn’t great, I honestly couldn’t be happier! I’m within staggering distance to a fun dive bar, but I have yet to frequent. I’ve had little to no desire to actually drink, which is a good thing, even though in two weeks I’ll be getting on a plane to go to Savannah, Georgia to go celebrate a holiday that champions exactly that. Oh yeah, so after almost 20 years of talking about going to Georgia and meeting my siblings for the first time, its actually happening. For the past 7 years, my friend Molly has lived in Savannah and apparently, St. Pattys is more serious down there than here in Boston. Yeah, I know, sounds absolutely bassakwards, but yeah, drinking on the street and the bars are open until 4am…. you do the math. Justin and I got the tickets back in January and I’ve been a mix of excitement and panic since. These people share the same DNA as me, we’ve talked through the ‘net and over the phone, but have never had a ton to discuss because we all have such radically different lifestyles with little common ground. Plus there’s booze involved, which will either make it go easier or worse, either way it’ll be interesting! These days I feel like I work so much that my days off are just spent running errands or trying to milk as much I can out of a lazy sunday with Justin since it’s the only day off we have together. We do okay though. Breakfast adventures and lazy afternoons on the couch or in bed watching movies until it’s time for me to go home and get ready for the week again. We steal some time out on the “school nights” but it’s mostly knocking back a beer or two with some takeout and watching Futurama and Top Gear and I am A-Okay with all of that. After all it’s still fucking freezing out and I don’t go outside until it’s a low of 68. I’m looking forward to my first summer in the city, the long summer nights I’ll spend unwinding after work on my back porch, the car shows, The epic Birthday-Shitshow we have planned with Katie. I feel like my life is finally just beginning and I can’t wait to pick up and run with it!


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