Roll the window down this cool night air is curious. Let the whole world look in, who cares who sees anything… I’m your passenger

Went out to Providence the other night with Justin. We started off our night at Trinity where I got some use out of my mug club membership. Eventually we met up with Katie, Jen and Adam. Many a laugh was shared over massive, cold brews and some delicious burgers and steamed mussels. We parted ways with Katie and made our way over a few blocks to Lupo’s at the Strand, all while reminiscing about the old location, Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel. Had a few more beers in anticipation of the Dillenger Escape Plan to take the stage. I was chomping at the bit to shed the pretext that I’m pushing 30 and at this point in life, I need to stand near the back and nod along to the beat. Screw that, you’re as old as you feel and there is something about the raw energy that fills a room during a loud, fast live performance that makes me take of running and laughing all the way to the front of the venue. As an aging punk rocker, the way to the riot barrier was easy to find and I parted the sea of sweaty fat kids with little to no effort. I was through the room within the first three chords of Milk Lizard and singing along with Greg and the rest of the crowd. I couldn’t believe how wussy the crowd was! There was no pushing or shoving. I wasn’t being crushed and coated in grime and sweat. Even the pit was tame. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, but I’m not going to lie, during my post-show shower I was very disappointed to find a lack of bruises, scrapes and bumps. After the set was over, we all regrouped and on our hunt for an ATM i ran into my friend Chan, who is in his own way, the mayor of Providence. After a quick hi and bye the four of us were standing in the foyer discussing our next move when I realized we were being lurked hard by my ex. It was odd, he just kept circling and glancing, like he wasn’t sure I was real. Justin made the crack that if he walked by again, he was going to make out with me. He made another pass and Justin was true to his word. I laughed and it made me feel wonderful to know that my current boyfriend is a lover, not a fighter. The ex made one more pass and to give him some sort of justification I acknowledged his presence with a little wave and I mouthed “Hello!” he nodded in response with a look of panic and disgust and then I looked away. My heart was pounding out of anxiety and adrenaline, so I took my boyfriend by the hand, looked at my friends and said “lets go get a drink and find our seats.” I didn’t see him again for the rest of the night and I have a hunch that he was fuming for the rest of the night, but I felt closure. I was surrounded with amazing new friends and I was seeing the Deftones with Justin for the second time in our lives. We had seen them together 11 years ago when White Pony was released as friends with friends. Life has a funny way of repeating it’s self sometimes. The Deftones were on top of their game. Chino was slim and commanding the stage. Not a bad note or a chord out of time. The nailed it. We were singing along and rocking out in our amazing seats in the mezzanine. It was like we were VIP and they were playing for us. Not a bad view in the room and the sound was for lack of a better word, perfect. While I left with ringing ears, by the time I woke up the ringing had subsided and the bang over had taken its place. I’m a little stiff and sore in the shoulders but I feel great. It was a wonderful night out and I was not disappointed by DEP, I was bummed that the Deftones didn’t perform Bored. The highlight of the show was when Greg from DEP came out and performed Passenger with Chino. Blew me away. The venue, the bands, the company and the Wild Turkey 101 made it the perfect night out!

Dillinger Escape Plan Set List:

Farewell, Mona Lisa

Milk Lizard

Panasonic Youth

Chinese Whispers

Room Full of Eyes

Gold Teeth On A Bum

Black Bubblegum

Sunshine the Werewolf

43% Burnt

Deftones Set List: 

Diamond Eyes

Rocket Skates


Enging No. 9

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

 My Own Summer (Shove It)

Digital Bath


Knife Prty



Bloody Cape

You’ve Seen The Butcher


Cherry Waves



Change (In the House of Flies)

Passenger (with Greg Puciato)

Back To School (Mini Maggit)


 7 Words


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