The Modern American Public Education System

Elementary school is the school to prison pipeline, where they weed our the undesirables (the free thinkers and minorities) and prepare people for a lifetime of standardized testing.

Middle school / Junior High teaches kids that life will never be fair and to establish the social pecking order for high school between the haves and the have-nots. The School to prison pipeline continues hereto remove more kids from society.

High school is the social aspect of that. A social test to see if you can make it in the world around you, and more standardized testing. The testing is just to make sure you can regurgitate what the government wants you to know and not anything of use to anyone in the real adult world. Here is where they determine if you move on to college or pressure kids to either drop out or seek employment directly after high school, as it almost impossible to afford a college education.

College has nothing to do with education. You are forced to do random and uninteresting work at the whim of a superior without logic. Time is irrelevant to them, you just need to get it done or you have to leave. The pressure is so great that you just get it done without really caring or digesting the material. College is just a representation of the work force. A degree just means to those hiring that you can stomach all that and finish it. If you are lucky and didn’t take out a student loan, you might have a shot at being slightly successful at being a functioning member of society and can survive. If you were unfortunate enough to take out a student loan, you graduate as an indentured servant to Sally Mae and will spend the rest of your life paying off debt generated by outrageous interest premiums. Since your credit will be most likely be impacted negatively, this will affect your ability to get a job and buy a car and buy or rent a home.