Save(s) The Day


Michelle Dugan  is a goddamn genius!! Seriously, I can’t get over how awesome this came out!


Reasons why my friends are AWESOME! Volume 7: Art

So apparently my old friend Lucas was inspired by my attempt to eat my steaks (Package and all) and drew up this:

Fucking Awesome!

Never in all my 27 years have I ever looked so badass! I absolutely LOVE this!

Lucas and I go way the fuck back to my first day of college. He sat next to me in Broadcasting 101 and hung out with the Colvins. It was only this year that I found out what a disgustingly talented artist he is. He had sketched out an amazing portrait of Edward Gorey (That I will eventually buy off him once I get some $$ saved up) that absolutely blew me away.  He also keeps a blog about art and bicycles, so go read what he has to say.