Oh this is ladies night…

So last night, KT and I headed over to LindsVicious’ hacienda for Ladies Night. In all honesty, it was the first one I’ve ever thrown/attended and it was great. I adore KT and obviously, Lindsay is pretty much my little sister, so it was perfect. We all agreed that for next time, we require more than one large bottle of wine, one pizza and more, waaaay more cigarettes. Aside from that, we had a totally rad evening dishing about everything, soaking our poor, tired legs in the bath tub, having a mini dance party and we capped it off with Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy… which sadly I passed out when they got to Magrathea. It was a well needed night “in”, with some of the best ladies I know. I can’t wait till the next one!! ❤

Gettin Rowdy!

Gettin Rowdy!

Japanese Tourists!

I think we’re alone now…

So I know I said yesterday was the first day I had spent alone… that was very short-lived. As the snow piled up, the more people showed up at my house for an impromptu snow party. Nick, Katie and I successfully got a fire going, but I don’t know if the flue was fully open since it got pretty smokey up in here. We roasted marshmallows, took photos, danced around and watched movies all night. I successfully killed 3 bottles of red wine in the past two days and now my teeth have a lovely purplish tinge. Eh, it’s nbd really. If anything I would hope it would help the level 5 creeper to keep his distance. I guess, when it rains, it pours… and it’s been raining men! Oh my gosh! It’s been unreal. I’ve met some very nice menfolk recently and I find it all very flattering, but entirely overwhelming. As of the fifth, I will have been single for a year. (okay- so I dated that kid over the spring but he really doesn’t count since I was black out drunk all day everyday from the minute I met him until the day before I dumped him.) I am finally accepting of my solitude and I am actually enjoying being single for the time being. I was practically married for six years, not that I am complaining, but I feel like I missed out on a lot of my 20’s and thats kind of sad. I mean, I did a lot and we had fun, but it was always “Us against the world” and I never did things with my friends unless he was involved on some level. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with this whole “too many dudes up in my mix” scenario, but I do  know that I don’t have to say “Yes” to any of them, which is such a relief. I can’t believe I honestly believed all the crap M had ever said about me being unlovable, etc. I am awesome and pretty darn attractive at 27, FTW! So far, this year has started out on a great note and I have high hopes for it. Come on, 2K10! Don’t let me down!

Okay, I’m going out to go have a snow adventure with Katie.

I will get my year in photos: 2009 edition up… eventually.

I promise.

It's WICKED out there!

This is why I adore being from New England.


Happy New Years my devoted readers! (That is assuming I have a following haha!) So I am FINALLY alone after spending every day since before Christmas with a million people. Two-thousand-nine was a bust. If there was a worse year to be had, I’d like to see it. Everyone I know had the worst year ever last year, so with the promises of hope, lets kick 2010 off right.

So I was supposed to go to 4937589037029290 different parties on Thursday and none of them happened. I was the DD and it wasn’t so bad. It started off with me picking up Bill Cape Cod and Lindsay for hangouts in Hyannis. We ended up drinking a few bottles of wine and were pretty saucy by 3:30pm. Jeff came over and we got a round of wii bowling in. After that we all climbed in the Versa and headed to Nick’s for some champagne and to shoot some pool. Around eight we met up with Meg, Mike, Trisha and her Angry/drunk boyfriend at Tikiport, where we waited for over an hour for a table. We were talking about hitting up the theme party in the mills, but since Tikiport took so long, we decided to go straight to Buds Country Lounge for some Karaoke. Harry and Steb rendezvoused with us there and thats where the night began to get wild. BCC came out of his shell, Lindsay ripped out Gnarles Barkley, Pittsy and I did  an awful/amazing job with Running With the Devil, Nick played it safe with Zoot Soot Riot and then to cap off the night, Lindsay, Jeff and I all destroyed the bar with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. Seriously, we had the whole bar up and freaking out. It was awesome. After we toasted the new year, we stole as many noise makers as possible and hit the deck. Trisha’s angry/drunk boyfriend got in a fight with some kid at the bar, so we all left and came back here where we partied till 5 am. Then I got up and hit up Barnstable Harbor for the Polar Plunge. I Party. Harder than you. Factola.


Your language is offensive.

(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

Happy Fucking Newyear! party like its 1999!

Is this this the 50’s or 1999?

Draaaanks. Coming witha crown.

Na na na na! Na na na! Hey hey! Goodbye!

Shawty got LOW LOW LOW… At Buds country lounge.

Ps. Porkstrips.

“Table for 10?” “YES!” “Oh. Okay. … One Minute.”. “AWWW!”

Bill party of ten.

He’s like an Asian Charles Bronson.

Oooh fluorescent pink pork! You are sooooo delicious!

Stranger danger.

Feel the sting.

Oh. I guess I drive a bus now?

Random drunk old sailor just shook my hand. Silently and aggressively.

Put down your wife and makeout with your girlfriend.

Bill Cape Cod and LindsVicious, born and raised in East Internet.

Billy of Nazareth!

What if Bill Cape Cod was Jesus?

Nice to meet you. We can’t wow you with our people skills. We make enemies, not friends. Your name again?

I fist a girl, and she liked it. I found my cherry chapstick. I.d fist a girl just to try it. I hope her boyfriend don’t mind it.

Wait- what do you mean I skipped Halloween!?

Shitty! I totally did! Between Zombie Chuck Biscuits and the Death Plague I forgot to post! Here ya go! Better late than never!

Where in the World is Carmen SanDiego?

Many Lulz were had at this discovery.

Party Number One: 7:00 PM: Hell’s Angel’s Halloween Party in Cumberland RI 

Mom's Boy-toy Lance. I approve, he's awesome.

Kenny and I. One of my favorite 81's. We rule at the QD's Silver Strike bowling.

Joseppi and I. You can see the start of my sleeve work here.

Group photo. Mom's in the middle, looking like hot stuff for 45.

Party Number Two: 11:00 PM: The Quarter Deck

Spilling shit all over yourself equates to having a good time.

Harry dressed up as Alfalfa.

Steve "caught" Carmen SanDiego. He's still waiting on that reward money.

Very sneaky.

I have no idea what Nick and I are doing, but clearly we are having a blast.


Free drinks from Bux and Jimmy. I paid for only one drink the whole night.

Party Number Three: 1:00 AM: Cape Air’s Party Central USA

MSHE and ODAV as Dedham High QB and Elwood Blues

Dance Party in the Kitchen

Me and the Captain make it happen.

Carmen meets Waldo. Best random occurrence ever!

Raging hard with MSHE. Right before the cops showed up at 5am.


A thousand words…

So this summer went from “mild” to “wild” in the course of one weekend.

The weekend of July 27th, my Birthday.

In a nutshell:

Jen got married to Heather.  I think the only sober moments were driving to and from New York and when I drove to the Bar for my birthday from Quincy. I got a tattoo on my butt of a robot…

The wedding was phenomenal. I don’t even want to think about the ludicrous amount of money that those families spent! I’m just going to say it had to be between 15 and 20K!My birthday at the bar seemed rushed and hectic but all in all it was perfect. I got a hotel room behind the QD; so my car, my bar and my bed were within 300 yards of each other. It’s funny, a week prior I would have been faking the smiles and clinging to my blackberry just waiting for someone to call me to wish me a happy birthday. Naturally he didn’t call, and honestly, I didn’t care! I had such a good time and was surrounded by the people who really love me that I didn’t even notice it until days later. The day after was even better, even if I was drained from all the “excitement” from the morning and the previous night.

So they say “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Here are some highlights of that monumental weekend. Enjoy!

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