For the second time in four months I’m so sick that I had to take time off from work. I was so pumped because I had put in so much overtime last week, only to see it get eaten up by a day off because I couldn’t speak, therefore I couldn’t perform my job. Ugh. Now I have to put in even more OT this week to make up for it. *sigh* At least the cat knows I’m sick/bummed out and wants to make me feel better. >^.^<

Voodoo Lady

So I was falling asleep earlier and then I rubbed my eyes and it was all over for me. I *still* had capsaicin on my hands from de-seeding and chopping Jalapeños and Chili peppers yesterday. Finally after scrubbing my hands in a baking soda/lemon juice solution and then vigorously washing my hands with soap twice more, I think I am in the clear. The moral of the story is don’t fuck with spicy things without gloves during allergy season.

I have been spending a fair amount of time with Justin which is amazing, but I fear that I’m up there too much and he might burn out on it. Then again, that could be just me being my neurotic self. I do try to leave as little of myself there as possible. I have a phone charger, a towel, toothbrush and some travel sizes of shampoo/conditioner and a bar of soap from Lush stashed away in his bathroom. He laughed about it when I brought it up. He said he’s astonished that since I have keys that I haven’t moved half my wardrobe in.
I told him that it’s more likely that everything in the house would be gone, as well as his prized vdub cabriolet (I would stuff everything into it, duh) and all that would be left would be a burned cd on the floor that he would have to listen to in his other car or at someone else’s house, since I’d have jacked him clean. He looked at me and said dryly, “The Cd would have “She’s Crafty” by The Beastie Boys on it, wouldn’t it?” I burst out laughing and threw my arms around him and kissed him on the head because he knew exactly where I was going with that and what the punch line was. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am absolutely stupid over him.
Well, my wardrobe ain’t what it used to be and I’ve long since become accustomed to living out of luggage/my car. I lead a very transient life these days, which is good for the dynamic between Dick and Jane and I, but not so much on my wallet. :/ I’ve always been kind of a rolling stone and no, not like Mic Jagger. Brendan called me, begging me to come back to slinging pizza a few hours a week. I will only do it if I can work during the week, during the day. (I want to be out by 4 or 5.) Those are my demands, but in all honesty, I’m not really in any position to turn them down. I have been hemorrhaging cash like crazy, and I’m barely breaking even. Aside from that and my killer commutes, my life has been never better. For the first time in a decade I can say, in all honesty I am happy and mean it.

a 100% of my love…

Wow I can’t believe a week has already flown by. There have been so many times where I was compelled to sit down and write but the availability just was not there. A lot of that has to do with the fact that my MacBookPro has been shipped out to Cupertino for service. (Sad face) Although I do have the WordPress app on my blackberry, I don’t have the patience to tap out a whole entry on my dysfunctional, tiny keypad.

I’ve been working up in the city and although the drive is sometimes irksome, nothing will ever be as obnoxious as paying for parking in a parking garage. Usually by the time I hit the split all the parking spots are filled in Braintree and Quincy, so I continue on to Cambridge and park there. If I’m not vigilant with the parking meter every two hours, I’m out $26 in the form of a parking ticket and X amount of quarters I have already poured into it. Or I can park in the garage down the street for $20 a day. It’s like picking the lesser of two evils. It’s slowly stealing my soul as well as my money. I am desperately trying to find a place to call home, but it’s really tough when your budget is small and you have a cat. I looked at a sick loft the other day and the guys were rad as hell, but I have yet to hear back from them. Aside from all that, work is picking up and I am finding my groove. I’ve also started to meet all sorts of cool people there.

I hung out with my friend Max a couple times this week. He’s leaving for a two month headlining tour of the US and Europe so it was necessary for some hangs. Friday night got pretty wild with some serious bar hopping, and then killing a 18 rack between us while watching old shitty horror/sci-fi shows well into the morning. I was going to accompany Kim and Colin to hemp fest on the Common yesterday, but I just wasn’t feeling up for it and came home and slept for five hours. I have the house to myself for the night but I’m just content to lay about reading books and listening to music all day. I did want to do some baking, but we have no eggs and I am not going shopping today.  Although I did concoct a very yummy buffalo chicken salad out of the jalapeno honey BBQ chicken I had. I guess it’s just a another lazy Sunday.

As Day 2 Draws To A Close…

I am back on the couch with a cuddly warm beastie at my feet. Sleep came so easy and natural to me for once last night. I usually spend a good hour tossing and turning before I am comfortable enough and another thirty minutes or so to still the hundreds of thoughts swirling in my brain. The sleep number bed rules my life. I woke up with practically no back pain at all today, it was so wonderful. Rosie had curled up in a ball behind my knees and Cajun felt that the dip between my ribs and hips made for a perfectly adequate bed. He eventually moved to the spot on the pillow above my head. Yea animals! <3! <3! <3!

Tropical Depression/storm Danny hit Cape Cod today. Rain, rain rain! So much of it! I was tempted to build an arc and fill it with two of every beer, the dog cat and I and sail away. Rosie and I went for a nice long walk in the woods and splashed around in *every* puddle that was around. I love having a dog. Cajun was waiting for us in the windowsill when we returned. After drying off and changing my clothes I warmed up drinking some of that spicy Mexican hot chocolate that I purchased while listening to Andrew Bird’s album Noble Beast. It was so delicious. I foresee Mexican Mochas in my future! I drove to Waquoit to finalize my PO Box, but alas, I got there too late. I lazed around the afternoon, alternating my time between reading and “watching” a Forensic Files marathon and apartment hunted on Craigslist. I found some good ones, hopefully one of them pans out. Granted it’s not as fantastic of a deal that living at Doro’s would have been, but that option is no longer open to me. My only concern is for those nights that I work to one in the morning is how I’m going to get home. Brighton isn’t car friendly in the parking scenario and all the trains cease operation at 12:30 am. Hopefully, I will figure it out fast. I also got offered the other job I applied for, so I will have two jobs and my financial worries can start to subside, thank … (insert deity here)!

Afterwards I turned inwards, breaking out the cards and asking the tough questions. I went with a deck I normally would have turned away from but it just spoke out to me in a way I could not explain. I pulled a few choice cards that made me laugh at their obviousness and the sheer serendipity of others. Abundance, Divine Timing and Focus were among the 10. It really opened my eyes and confirmed things that I was doing right and helped wash away some self doubt. It’s always nice when everything comes into clarity with such ease.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I have no idea what to do with myself. I’m tight on cash so I don’t foresee anything fantastic happening but maybe I can start on some craft project, scheme up a wild recipe or something productive. I did find a bunch of yoga dvds, a mat and some weights so I am definitely going to break into those tomorrow at some point. So far this has been wonderful. I miss some people, but the lack of communication/solitude has been a welcome change in an otherwise normally chaotic existence.